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Leslie-Caro // Santas-Azul

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Product Description

  • Traditional underwire top.
  • Spaghetti adjustable straps.
  • Back closure with hook and extra holes for a better fit.
  • Hipster style bottoms.
  • Invisible seams.
  • Reversible.

Fabric Description

  • Santas’s print is a degraded representation of three iconic churches in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Santa Barbara in dark blue Santa Lucia in lighter blue, and La Basilica in yellow. The motifs in white represent the architectural designs of each church.

Lining Fabric: 

  • Azul is a deep delicious navy blue that matches the depths of the Lake that borders the city.

Model Sizes

Print & Solid - Size: (S) 

      Size Chart

      How To Care

      • Hand wash with cold water
      • Use a mild detergent or baby soap
      • Get rid of all the extra water, to dry lay flat your piece under the shade