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Lago-Olga // Tejido-Esmeralda

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Product Description

  • Multi-wear halter style bra
  • Spaghetti-style strap to close at the back ending with VL studs
  • A Bikini bottom that is a low-rise fit, a high-cut leg, and cheeky coverage
  • Both pieces can be scrunched up for a smaller fit
  • Invisible seams
  • Reversible

Fabric Description

  • Tejido's print is a representation of the designs the Guajiro indigenous people do for traditional hats and bags.

Lining Fabric: 

  • Emerald is a captivating blend of green and blue, creating a jewel-toned shade that is often associated with elegance, luxury, and nature.

Model Sizes

Print - Size: (S) // Solid - Size (XS)

        Size Chart

        How To Care

        • Hand wash with cold water
        • Use a mild detergent or baby soap
        • Get rid of all the extra water, to dry lay flat your piece under the shade