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Bolso Palma // Crema

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Product Description

  • Big beach bag, this style bag is woven by our artisans from the Wayuu community
  • Hand-braided handles
  • Colored tassels and pompoms that match the bag are made with cotton thread

Product Composition, Material, & Fabric Description

Piece: Cane "Flecha" Palm // Lining Fabric: Polyester

  • Made with the need to publicize the beauty of our Wayuu culture embodied in products made by hand
  • The "caña flecha" palm is a soft, fresh, light material, resistant to the sun, heat, and sand
  • Offering different alternatives with modern and high-quality fabrics which you can combine with your favorite wardrobe.
  • Wayuu men and women of the community are involved in making these bags, the men weave the basket and the women weave the braided handles and accessories

Size Chart

How To Care

  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Use a mild detergent or baby soap
  • Get rid of all the extra water, to dry lay flat your piece under the shade