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Pareo Roraima

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Product Description 

  • 2x1 meter (80" x 40") rectangular piece
  • Works as a multipurpose accessory, it can be used as a sarong, wrapped around the waist in multiple ways, as a top, or even as a headscarf.  

Product Composition, Material, & Fabric Description

Piece: 67% Recycled Polyester, 33% Polyester

  • The print was designed as a placement print
  • Showing an illustration of our Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, vegetation
  • A printed phrase in the Pemón language, Indians who still inhabit the area. "Enkupayeday Roraima poná" which means, "I want to climb Mount Roraima"
  • A border with our initials and our signature monstera leaf printed on all four corners in green and brown colors.
  • Fabric is composed of recycled twill material, with a soft satin effect that gives it a silky gorgeous look and touch
  • It has UV / UPF50 protection and fast-drying technology
  • Digital printing and coloring are made with Greentex, which is also sustainable

    Size Chart

    How To Care

    • Hand wash with cold water
    • Use a mild detergent or baby soap
    • Get rid of all the extra water, to dry lay flat your piece under the shade

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